Arizona is a thriving state. We are thriving because we have supported our small businesses and promoted legislation that strengthens our economy. To keep Arizona strong, this must continue. I am fighting hard to keep our values, and am working to pass legislation that supports that.

Conservative, Businessman, Common Sense

Let's Keep Arizona Free

Joseph has fought for you. He has fought for and passed election integrity, and common sense policies. Joseph has also cut waste in our budget, while delivering historic tax relief.

With over 25 years of executive leadership, I ask for your support to continue to fight with me, and help re-elect a true leader to the Arizona State Legislature. We will succeed and I will keep you proud.

Strong Family Values

Protecting our Arizona Ideals

That’s why Representative Chaplik has fought against the mask and vaccine mandates in schools believing you should choose.  He will continue to fight for yours and your family’s freedom.

Meet Joe

Michelle Ugenti-Rita

State Senator

I enthusiastically endorse Joseph Chaplik for election to the Arizona House of Representatives. He is strongly committed to immediately reopening Arizona so we can get on the road to recovery by getting people back to work, children back in the classroom and restoring individual liberty. He has the experience needed to make the tough decisions to keep Arizona a great place to work and raise a family.

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