2020-2024 Endorsements

Andy Biggs, AZ-5 Arizona Congressional Representative

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Former Maricopa Co. Sheriff


Jake Hoffman, LD-15 State Senator

Barbara Parker, LD-10 State Representative

Justin Heap, LD-10 State Representative

Jacqueline Parker, LD-15 State Representative

Austin Smith, LD-29 State Representative

Judy Burges, LD-01 State Representative

Quang Nguyen, LD-01 State Representative

Leo Biasiucci, House Majority Whip

Wendy Rogers, LD-06 State Senator

Justine Wadsack, LD-17 State Senator

Anthony Kern, LD-27 State Senator

Sonny Borelli, LD-30 State Senator

Nancy Barto, Former LD-4 State Senator

Walt Blackman, Former LD-6 State Representative

Dan Farley, President of AZ Tea Party

Kari Lake, Candidate for Arizona Governor

Jim O'Connor, Arizona Corporation Commissioner

Michelle Ugenti-Rita

State Senator

I enthusiastically endorse Joseph Chaplik for election to the Arizona House of Representatives. He is strongly committed to immediately reopening Arizona so we can get on the road to recovery by getting people back to work, children back in the classroom and restoring individual liberty. He has the experience needed to make the tough decisions to keep Arizona a great place to work and raise a family.