Representative Chaplik's Sponsored and
Co-Sponsored legislation

Sponsored Bills:

HB2085 – Allows employees of licensed real estate agents to collect rent without requiring a license of their own.
HB2129 – Memorializes Arizona’s rodeo history with a memorial license plate that supports a rodeo museum and provides collegiate scholarships.
HB2770 – Specifies that businesses are not required to enforce a mask mandate that is established by any jurisdiction in Arizona.
HB2838 – Creates an opt-in income tax that allows businesses to pay to Arizona a tax that is deductible at the Federal level providing relief to privately-owned, “pass-through”, and typically small businesses.

Co-Sponsored Bills:

Election Integrity

HB2054 – Requires the Secretary of State to use death certificates to remove voters from the AZ voter registration database.
HB2357 – Directs the Attorney General to conduct investigations into voter fraud and enforce subpoenas.
HB2358 – Requires county recorders to cancel voter registration when voter changes address out of county or state.
HB2359 – Requires that voting machines be further secured from unauthorized entry.
HB2360 – Directs the Secretary of State to operate the voter registration system with oversight from a committee of county recorders.
HB2364 – Adds identification requirements for pamphlets for school district override, initiative, and bond elections.
HB2569 – Prohibits any jurisdictions in the state from receiving private money to conduct elections.
HB2792 – Forbids election officers from delivering a ballot in the mail to anyone who has not requested an early ballot for that election.
HB2793 – Forbids agencies from registering a person to vote unless that person requests to register.
HB2794 – Prohibits state agents from modifying any election deadlines.
HB2811 – Prohibits agents of the state from registering voters day-of an election.
HCR2021 – Declares the legislature’s support for the Electoral College and opposition against any effort to overturn it.
HCR2023 – Declares the legislature’s opposition to any effort by the federal government to usurp election control and administration.

Public Safety

HB2110 – Allows courts to order community service in lieu of monetary obligations for civil traffic violations at the rate of the state’s minimum wage.
HB2309 – Classifies violent and disorderly assembly and some offenses conducted during such assemblies as Class 6 Felonies.
HB2484 – Prohibits trade and ownership of animal fighting paraphernalia.
HB2548 – Establishes laser possession at a riot or unlawful assembly as a misdemeanor.
HB2552 – Expands aggravated criminal damage to include damaging monuments as a felony.
HB2787 – Outlines what criminal information state agencies may and may not use when determining if a person’s criminal record disqualifies them from licenses.
HB2809 – Outlines labeling and advertising requirements for marijuana dispensaries.

HB2889 – Increasing sentences in sexual crimes against minors.
HCR2032 – Forbids elected officials from giving “stand-down” orders to public safety officers.

Second Amendment

HB2111 – Prohibits using any state resources to enforce any federal law that is inconsistent with the second amendment and any state law concerning the regulation of firearms.
HB2551 – Limits restrictions to unlawful carry locations.
HB2827 – Creates a civil action for firearm manufacturers, suppliers, shooting ranges, or trade associations that have been discriminated against by the government or a financial institution.

Government Accountability & Balance of Power

HB2310 – Reviews presidential executive orders and allows a legislative member to recommend its legality to the Attorney General, further checking the executive branch’s power.
HB2442 – Requires the county treasurer to post all annual and monthly reports on their website.
HCR2002 – Declares the legislature’s support for maintaining nine justices in the Supreme Court of the United States.
HCR2020 – Establishes the office of Lieutenant Governor, who runs on a joint ticket with the Governor.

Personal Freedom

HB2570 – Restricts the ability for state agencies to suspend business licenses due to not complying with a state of emergency order.
HB2648 – Religious services are considered essential services during a state of emergency.
HB2810 – Restricts the means and extent of civil asset forfeiture to cases where the offender is convicted and the state establishes clear and convincing evidence for forfeiture.

Free Markets & De-Regulation

HB2128 – Offers a state licensing waiver for active-duty military service members, their spouses, and recently honorably discharged veterans for their first license.

HB2876 – Requires the Arizona Department of Transportation and local government recoup a small portion of the costs that private businesses incur when bidding on a building contract.


HB2290 – Updates and streamlines terms for licensing healthcare institutions.
HB2292 – Allows the Arizona Regulatory Board of Physician Assistants to issue a new license to physician assistants who surrendered their license if the board determines the licensee be completely rehabilitated.

Education Freedom

HB2421 – Allows public schools to offer supplemental distance learning courses.


HB2816 – Establishes a memorial license plate that supports an Arizonan charitable organization that supports children, families, and people in need, and improves the quality of life in Phoenix.

HCR2043 – Commemorates Ava Jeraldene Arpaio.