Rep. Joseph Chaplik calls on Governor Ducey to protect Arizonans from invasion at the southern border

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Joseph Chaplik, who represents Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Rio Verde in the Arizona state House, is calling on Governor Doug Ducey to immediately move state resources to the Yuma sector of the Arizona’s southern border with Mexico to stop the invasion from an estimated 5,000 illegal immigrants, with another 60,000 reported to be on the way.

“This is a very dangerous moment for our state and country.  Ongoing inaction by the Biden Administration will continue to open up our communities to a major influx of unvetted individuals who are breaking the law to get into this country.  Furthermore, dangerous levels of crime and drugs are invading our neighborhoods.  That’s why I’m calling on the Governor to use his executive power and vast resources to stop this impending crisis in its tracks. I support him on the solutions that will protect Arizona,” said Chaplik.

Governor Ducey previously activated some Arizona National Guard personnel in August of this year to play a support role for border patrol, but the sheer number of migrants headed to the Yuma sector were not a factor at that time. “This is an evolving situation with mass amounts of illegal migrants invading our country and we need to get ahead of it, or we’ll all be paying the price,” said Chaplik. “I was elected to look out for the best interests of not only my constituents but also our state as a whole. Our Governor has the tools to stop this coming invasion and I support quick action to do just that.